Owlorbit SDK is Now Public

Published by Tim Nguyen - February 26, 2018

You can now program custom applications on top of our API for iOS, Android, or make direct web-api calls.
SDK features include:

  • -User management
  • -Create/Join rooms
  • -Add location / meetup points. You can also add meta-data to these points.
  • -Create messages and templates
  • -Create/send polls (push-notifications)

Here is a full list of the REST api routes:

Steps to install the sdk can be found here:

The past few months have seen an expansion in many of our technologies.
We have revamped our mobile client apps, created a web and desktop app, and now developers will be able to create custom location-based solutions.

Not every business continuity plan is the same, that is why we're empowering companies to create their own location-based solutions by providing this SDK tool-box. Owlorbit and our API is free for non-commercial users. Don't hesitate to sign-up and test out our full product first before committing!

Both iOS and Android SDK's come with an example project implementing all the API calls.

Tim Nguyen
Founder of Owlorbit

If you have any suggestions for improving Owlorbit, just reach out to tim.nguyen@owlorbit.com.

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