Polling on the go with your Smartphone

Published by Tim Nguyen - December 14, 2017

Traditionally with most existing emergency polling software they are built for desktop usage. Their websites are clunky and it takes too many steps to send out a poll. With Owlorbit, we have given the ability for our users to send polls from the power of their smartphones (iOS or Android).

We pay close attention to the minor details. This makes it easy for training users but more importantly when a disaster strikes, we want sending an alert out to be as frictionless as possible. Every second matters when getting your business back up and running.

You can create polling templates. These polling templates can also target certain groups that you have created. For example, you might have several backup locations only relevant to your Boston team versus your Atlanta team.

Privacy is a major component of our system. Admins have the option to request a location when opening up the polls initially. This is users might not want to share their location but still send a response.

Here is an in-app screenshot of our polling tool:

Users will receive a push notification and/or they can view all their messages in their alerts tab.
Here is what the end-user will see when needing to respond.

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