Offline Communication with Bluetooth/Wifi

Published by Tim Nguyen - December 15, 2017

One of the underlying rails of modern digital communication is a working internet connection. Not with Owlorbit.

Even if there is an earthquake that takes down all the surrounding telephone lines, as long as you are within physical range you will still be able to send messages to your coworkers. You will be able to check if everyone is safe. Our mobile apps use a combination of bluetooth and offline-wifi communication to still send messages even when other applications can't.

It will give you an update on how many users are connected to your channels for you to reach out to. All it takes is that they have their Owlorbit app open too.

Here is an in-app screenshot of an iPhone and Android phone communicating while their router does not have any internet connection:

Quickly check in with people in times of disasters.

We would have liked to taken all the creative ownership of this feature, but this came about when brainstorming with a Busines Continuity Expert. If you have any suggestions that will make this an even more resilient platform for communication, let us know! Just reach out to

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