Embedded Live Map

Published by Tim Nguyen - December 7, 2017

If you are running through your disaster recovery plan, one of the most burdensome line-items may be verifying that your employees made it to their backup location where their team is meeting.

This can be a pain. Employees might have to log into a complicated system, step through missed voicemails or there might be a master spreadsheet that they have to edit.

But wouldn’t it be great if once your employee is at their location, they can just open an app and/or respond to a poll? Wouldn’t it be even better if you knew how far they were in-transit and you could plan accordingly if they were delayed?

As a manager, you are able to see how many people have made it safe and have responded using our platform. For the employees that you are waiting on a response, you can view the last time they launched the app, as well as their last location they wished to share.

Here is a live map of locations and you can view the live chat that is happening:

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You can organize your team by channels and see where they are. Even more useful is our ability to embed an Owlorbit live map into your Sharepoint or Confluence portal!