Install Confluence Plugin

Published by Tim Nguyen - March 28, 2018

We have just created the ability for users to integrate their Owlorbit account with Confluence. Here are the steps to set it up:

First Log in to your Owlorbit Admin account. Navigate to

Step 2). Enter you credentials:

Step 3). Once logged in, click Admin in the menu then the Api link:

Step 4). Select the Reveal API Token button. Keep track of the Public Key, Encrypted Session, and Session Hash:

Step 5). Go back to the Dashboard and select a room you wish to share, then keep track of the number in the URL at the end. This is the Room Id.

Step 6). Now in Confluence, create a new page and add a macro. Type in Owlorbit to find the plugin:

Step 7). Enter the values for Public Key, Encrypted Session, Session Hash and Room Id:

Step 8). Once the values are entered, select preview and make sure the Owlorbit Live Map appears:

Step 9). Insert the macro onto the page and now you have an Owlorbit Live Map:

If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to reach out to

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