Share your location with people you trust.

Coordinate with groups of people

Specific teams in a company can organize where they want to meet-up in the event of a disaster. 
If a worker is within range of a meet-up point they can check-in.

Locations can be sent in real-time on a per channel basis. Only allow visibility to users you have approved. Stop sharing location anytime by either closing the app or toggling it off for that channel.

Stop fumbling through different apps

Pre-canned messages can be organized into templates on a per situation basis. Users during disasters may not be able to message for help quickly. Therefore, giving users the ability to tap for messages asking for help or describing their situation promptly saves valuable time.

Users can send file-attachments with relevant information per channel.

Additionally, live conversations can be placed onto your internal wiki or any website.

Send Polls

Polling functionality is a non-channel specific feature. Polls can be sent to target individuals or groups.

Users can create templates of polls to allow for quick communication. For example, if you have a disaster recovery scenario of an earthquake, you might have protocol that requires users navigate to a back-up location. With Owlorbit, send a poll to see what employees are safe and act quicker with those who need help.

Public API

We provide a public API.
Users are able to develop features on top of our system. Attributes include custom JSON meta-data to be stored. This allows for flexibility if member variables are not defined. We have routes available via HTTP, Android gradle SDK, and iOS cocoapod SDK.

View our API documentation here.

SMS Service

Through Owlorbit Trill. Users can organize contacts into groups and decide who will receive the texts.

Create Templates. Have pre-canned messages ready at your disposal. Tailor messages for who will be receiving them. 
 Schedule Texts. Plan your next disaster recovery test drill with our built in ability to send alerts in the future.

Demo a free scheduled text message here.